Join us on Wednesday, November 14th starting at 6 PM as we talk about the “5 Hidden Strategies to Grow Your Business” with Coach Tina Kadish.

How do you make money and live your ideal life?  By finding your passion! Tina Kadish will show us how to improve your relationship with money by mastering the “5 hidden strategies” of financial success. You’ll learn how to be more strategic and intentional in creating more financial opportunities, and how to manage those opportunities when they manifest.

About Tina Kadish:

Tina began her career in corporate America as a progressive training and development professional and talent acquisition. Like many others in corporate America, Tina’s company downsized, which left her uncertain about her future. During her transition, she embarked on a journey to discover not only what career she wanted to pursue, but where her passion lay.  Tina discovered a tool called The Passion Test, created by Janet Attwood, which helped her prioritize her top five passions.  As a result of this tool, Tina learned she was most passionate about helping other women in transition who had no focus in life.  Because this tool helped her to gain clarity and gave her direction, she became a certified Passion Test Facilitator in 2012, trained personally by Janet Attwood.

How do you make money and live your ideal life?  By finding your passion! I’m also a certified Passion Test ™ facilitator, and I help my clients to identify their top 5 passions in order to direct them to their ideal career choices. Tina is a coach, keynote speaker, and trainer who coaches women on the Roadmap to Freedom in 3 Powerful Steps by offering tools and strategies to create a happier, wealthier & healthier person. Tina’s mission is to empower women to maximize their potential and to live a life on purpose.

Tina offers personalized one-on-one coaching sessions, group coaching programs, and seminars that will enable you to gain freedom in your life.  For more information, visit

Date: Wednesday, November 14th, 2018

Time: 6:00pm – 8:30pm

Location: Norwalk Inn & Conference Center, 99 East Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06851