Join us on Wednesday, April 10th with Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville as she talks about “REAL WOMEN CAN CHANGE THE WORLD: Letting the Good Girl Die so the Real Woman Can Live”.

Dr. Dorothy will be addressing an issue that impacts women at all levels of success. She has worked with Park Avenue CEO’s and small town entrepreneurs; each getting caught by the same fears and means of self-betrayal, needing to be liked or “nice.”

In order for us to have a far greater energetic footprint, she will take us through mindset, communication styles, emotional intelligence, and leadership skills showing the things that separate the Good Girl from the Real Woman. Her desire is to support each attendee in allowing the metamorphous needed to let the Good Girl come alive in such a way that she can powerfully claim her voice in order to create the impact she wants in the world with purpose, passion and power, as a Real Woman.


Having founded 4 companies, Dr. Dorothy is well aware of the leadership and financial necessities for a successful endeavor. After being on several boards, including the Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame, and contributing to the growth of the eWomenNetwork in CT as Strategic Advisor, her work in supporting women in business is well established.

A psychotherapist, she founded The Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences, teaching her pioneering methodologies in the field of integrative health & quickly became a ‘household’ name with students flying in from across the country, Canada, Australia, and the Caribbean. As Co-Chair of the Advisory Board of an NIH multi-million-dollar Frontier Medicine Grant & a clinical instructor at the University of Connecticut Medical School her specialties in both women in leadership and healthcare became solidified.

As an international speaker and Executive Leadership Coach/Consultant, she can readily recognize patterns and similarities in style and beliefs, allowing her to bring wisdom, knowledge, and experience to the table. She calls leadership teams and women in business to rise to excellence and step into their power through her proprietary program The 5 Archetypes of Leadership.

Combining recognition that emotional intelligence, mindset, and communication skills set us apart with an ability to make the complicated simple, makes her someone to learn from.

As a result of Dr. Dorothy’s passionate desire to up-level health care in America to a more far-reaching and impactful model, she has been asked to head the Health Committee of a UN Global Summit on Conscious Capitalism. Supporting leaders such as hospital presidents and others, in the health care arena, fills both my desire to elevate leadership through transparency, authenticity, and impact, while also supporting the transformation of health care along the way.

To learn more about Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville, you can reach her at or call 860-543-5629.

Date: Wednesday,April 10th, 2019

Time: 6:00pm – 8:30pm

Location: Norwalk Inn & Conference Center, 99 East Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06851


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