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Guiding Action Taking Entrepreneurs to Network Their Way to 6 Figures and Beyond

Join us on Wednesday, February 12th as we welcome Success Genie, Kim Kasparian!

Kim, a Keynote Speaker & Workshop Leader, will be discussing, “Guiding Action Taking Entrepreneurs to Network Their Way to 6 Figures and Beyond.”

During this powerful training, audience members will learn:

  • 3 ways to become the most irresistible, memorable person in the room.
  • Uncommon, proven ways to engage so you can be seen, heard and remembered.
  • How to approach networking with a fresh approach that will compel prospects to want to know […]

Past Events

Selfcare Beyond the Stereotype

Join us on Wednesday, May 8th with Kristen Rzasa as she talks about Selfcare Beyond the Stereotype: Elevating your mindset, activating energy, expanding time and enriching your environment. What you’ll learn from Kristen: When you care for yourself and your health you are caring for your business. Your career and financial success come from both the internal and external choices you make. Kristen will share her story of how she burned out from a business she loved, and the [...]

Real Women Change the World

Join us on Wednesday, April 10th with Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville as she talks about “REAL WOMEN CAN CHANGE THE WORLD: Letting the Good Girl Die so the Real Woman Can Live”. Dr. Dorothy will be addressing an issue that impacts women at all levels of success. She has worked with Park Avenue CEO’s and small town entrepreneurs; each getting caught by the same fears and means of self-betrayal, needing to be liked or “nice.” In order for us to [...]

Time Management and Productivity Tricks

Join us on Wednesday, February 13th with Belinda Wasser of RocketGirl Solutions in, “Time Management + Productivity Tips & Tricks.” There are only 24 hours in a day, and when you work for yourself, you need to make the most of all of them. But it’s easy to get lost and distracted, particularly when you work from home. In this fast-paced, 45 minute session, RocketGirl Solutions founder and 17-year small business owner Belinda Wasser explains how to manage your [...]

Why You Need Humor in Your Marketing

Join us on Wednesday, January 9th with Gene Braunstein in, “Why You Need Humor in Your Marketing.” Some of the topics he’ll cover are: Comedy vs. Humor How different are you from your competitors? 5 Reasons Businesses Don’t Use Humor 5 1/2 Reasons Why They (and You) Should The Importance of a Great Headline Doggie Bag: Ways to Use Humor Today! About Gene Braunstein: Gene Braunstein is a former stand-up comedian and sitcom writer/producer.  While living in Los Angeles [...]

Five Hidden Strategies to Grow Your Business

Join us on Wednesday, November 14th starting at 6 PM as we talk about the “5 Hidden Strategies to Grow Your Business” with Coach Tina Kadish. How do you make money and live your ideal life?  By finding your passion! Tina Kadish will show us how to improve your relationship with money by mastering the “5 hidden strategies” of financial success. You’ll learn how to be more strategic and intentional in creating more financial opportunities, and how to manage those opportunities when they [...]